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First we listen. Then we ask questions. Then we work together. Because we believe that the very best advice comes with understanding.

We Work With

Start-Up Companies
Investors and Venture Capital Firms
Established Companies
Institutions and Change-makers
Select Individuals
Founders and Future Founders

Nichols Legal, pc is a full service California-based Professional Legal Corporation.  We consult with and advise startups, established companies, and individuals on legal advice and business and technology issues.  We emphasize early and strategic decision-making.  Our services encompass:

Transactional Services

    • Negotiating and drafting contracts
    • Developing key business agreements
    • Diligence review

Corporate Services

    • Product counseling
    • Early stage stage startup core documents and policies
    • Corporate formation and equity 

Business Development

    • Business model and idea development
    • Issue spotting
    • Viability testing

Risk Mitigation

    • Privacy and security counseling
    • Compliance review
    • Corporate governance


    • Creation of of strong messages for non-technical audiences
    • Press releases
    • Transaction, settlement, or incident-related communications

Dispute Management and Resolution

    • Negotiations and dispute resolution
    • Pre-litigation and active litigation matters
    • Incident-related litigation and insurance settlements


California: 650.450.9554
Email: [email protected]

Email our office to request a consultation and to learn if we may be able to assist you.  Do not include confidential information in your communications.


Work with Us

Nichols Legal, PC provides general counsel services to companies and individuals.  As a full-service law practice, we specialize in providing you with advice across a broad array of legal needs.  We staff clients and matters with an experienced, single generalist attorney and appropriate paralegal support.  While we do not staff mattes with multiple partners and associates, as appropriate, we may offer to bring in select specialists to address specific issues, but only needed.

We have extensive litigation experience and have represented clients in matters of all sizes, from multi-district Federal class action cases to small business owner disputes.

We work with clients to clearly articulate goals and expectations early and to develop a business strategy emphasizing maximizing settlement opportunities as appropriate and taking matters through trial as required.

Representative litigation matters include disputes concerning: contracts / transactions, business practices, personal injury, fiduciary duties, corporate governance / management, labor / employment, securities.

We have extensive transactional experience, having worked on agreements of complexity ranging from concise NDAs to international SaaS agreements in highly regulated industries.

We work with clients to understand their objectives, risk tolerance, relationship with other parties to an agreement, and to clearly define success.

Representative matters include transactions concerning: licensing, intellectual property, confidentiality, labor and employment agreements, vendor contracts, corporate formation documents, equity and securities agreements, and confidential complex settlement agreements.